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2020 was an expected year with a million years to throw in the towel. But I didn’t. Here’s my 2020 year in sport:

I got certified in open water scuba diving and took two open dives in the Atlantic Ocean!

3,170+swim, bike run miles — 313 active days with 379+ active hours I am most active at 7:00AM 1,701+ Cycling Miles 53+ Swimming Miles 1,337+ Running Miles Now proudly weighing at 138lbs and 5'10" tall!

Thank you Strava for making health so fun and easy to track. I love my year in sport summary!!! It’s fun to look back at what I have accomplished; I don’t subscribe to excuses, I focus on results.

Now for product enhancements… how about a marketplace for gently used sports equipment? You have the perfect platform for us to buy, sell trade on… think bikes, watches!

I am loving the new brand promotions; I just secured $30 off at ROKA, my favorite swim goggles and triathlon clothing brand by meeting the activity levels for their promotion!

To drive employee wellness and workplace culture, there is huge opportunity to rollout friendly internal competitions using Strava!

Passion for People + Excellence

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