5 Ways to make your wardrobe socially conscious:

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1. Donate clothes to those who need it. After losing 30lbs in two years, I donated my entire wardrobe to a domestic violence shelter for women.

2. Pay attention to where your clothing is made. #China for example have 2MILLION Muslims in concentration camps, some working in sweatshops.

3. Look for Ethically Sourced Materials… and this makes Boden my preferred brand for work dresses. When Boden start working with a new supplier, those vendors must sign the Responsible Sourcing Commitment, which sets out Boden’s expectations of working conditions. Boden is fully committed to supporting the Modern Slavery Act, and this statement outlines the steps Boden is taking to prevent modern slavery and human rights abuses within our business and supply chain.

4. Look for Certified B Corporations such as Athleta whom I love for casual wear as I am either training or recovering.

5. I look for brands that give back. My favorite jeans are made by Paige Denim and designed in the USA! Paige is a dedicated board member of the Rape Foundation, a trained volunteer at the Stuart House and a proud supporter of many other charitable organizations including NEDA and the Advot Project.

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