And we have only just begun

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This morning, millions have gathered in DC in support of President Trump who paid a surprise visit to the crowd… and with regards to the election we have only just begun.

In 2018, President Trump quietly passed an Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election. As it turns out, this order has become quite relevant in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Rudy Giuliani is heading up President Trump’s legal team. This morning he announced a foreign company, DOMINION, was counting our vote in Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia, and other states. But it was a front for SMARTMATIC, who was really doing the computing.


In 1997, three engineers, Antonio Mugica, Alfredo José Anzola, and Roger Piñate, began collaborating in a group while working at Panagroup Corp. in Caracas, Venezuela. Following the 2000 United States presidential election and its hanging chad controversy in Florida, the group proposed to dedicate a system toward electoral functions. Smartmatic was officially incorporated on 11 April 2000 in Delaware by Alfredo José Anzola. Smartmatic then established its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, with seven employees. After receiving funds from private investors, the company then began to expand.

SMARTMATIC is headquartered in London and registered in Wilmington, DE, in 2000. Two of the six registered companies by SGO SMARTMATIC are in postal code 19801.

In my home state of Georgia, the hand recount taking place is proving to be a waste of time and resources because they are NOT showing the matching signatures. They have been asked to halt the recount until they allow the MATCH….Interestingly, we just learned this morning that Governor Kemp and Georgia’s Secretary of State might have financial ties to Dominion. According to our law, this election is not over until every legal vote is counted and audited.

And we have only just begun

Even though the media has already anointed Joe Biden the president-elect, the legal battles are just beginning, and sworn affidavits from whistleblowers are emerging that provide a coherent narrative of nationwide fraud concentrated in urban areas in crucial battleground states.

One whistleblower has attested to the fact that tens of thousands of ballots came into the absentee voter processing board in Detroit at the dead of night following the election. Poll challengers were unable to do their jobs because the ballots took over seven hours to arrive after they had to be legally turned in under Michigan law. When the next round of poll challengers showed up, many of them were ejected from the vote-counting center, with Democrat operatives literally covering up the process, while every vote counted allegedly went to Biden. Other ballots were said to be marked with the birthdate of 1/1/1900 as they were frantically tabulated.

On Friday, Rep. Louie Gohmert told Chris Salcedo on Newsmax that people on the ground in Germany report that Scytl, which hosted elections data improperly through Spain, was raided by a large US ARMY force, and their servers were seized in Frankfurt. Intel source said there was truth to the report, but Scytl reportedly said the alleged reports were not accurate… and then their website crashed. It’s not a very good sign when an “Elections Solutions” website crashes.

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