And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.

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Just yesterday, Justice Alito warns of dangers to free speech, religious liberty in his Federalist Society address. He went on to say “Religious liberty and free speech are among Americans’ personal freedoms potentially imperiled by government overreach during the coronavirus pandemic” “Tolerance for opposing views is now in short supply,” Alito added in a virtual keynote speech to a conference of the conservative Federalist Society, in which he referenced the current state of discourse in the nation’s law schools and the “broader academic community.”

And Justice Alito is 100% correct.

A Michigan Attorney General has threatened criminal prosecution over posting videos of election fraud.

We are being told what we can read. In California, the Burbank school district removed five novels due to “racism,” including The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Amazon banned the anti-mainstream coronavirus book, “Covid-19 and the Agendas to Come: Red-Pilled” by James Perloff’s after selling more than 3,500 copies for “content violations.”

The World Health Organisation has removed social media filters, which were censoring the words “Taiwan” and “China” from its Facebook page after an online backlash, but said the blocks were because of an “onslaught” of cyberattacks.

Right. to life group Project Love is frustrated with Facebook’s censorship of an ad it created and wanted to pay for on Facebook to inform pregnant women of services they offer. Facebook rejected the ad.

Americans are increasingly tired of the ongoing censorship and nowhere was this more evident in Parler, a free speech platform. Parler officially launched in 2018 and has gained millions of followers since, some of which were banned from Twitter or abandoned the platform over their attempts to censor speech. The alternative platform was the №1 downloaded application on Apple the weekend after the election.

Free speech is the bedrock of American democracy. Our Founding Fathers protected this sacred right with the First Amendment to the Constitution. The freedom to express and debate ideas is the foundation for all of our rights as a free people and thankfully, President Trump recognizes free speech is in grave danger and on May 28, 2020, issued an Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship.

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