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Can you imagine your business growing from $50 Million to $1.4 BILLION in less than 10 years? That’s how much the Apple Juice and Apple Juice Concentrate (AJC) Chinese export market grew between 1998/99 to 2007… and the entire global market is expected to reach nearly $18 Billion by 2024… and the United States is the largest importer.

We have a tendency to focus on large items when it comes to #commoditiestrading out of #China such as pork, beef, chicken that something small like apple juice slips through the cracks.

US manufacturers ranging from Minute Maid (owned by The Coca-Cola Company) to Apple and Eve Apple buy apple juice concentrate from China.

Consumer Reports recently tested 45 drinks and found 21 contained enough of a single heavy metal or a combination of the metals to concern experts who worked with Consumer Reports on the study.

Autism, Cancer and other health ailments rates are rising at a dangerously fast pace and it is ignorant to think our food supply chain doesn’t play a role.

Made in the USA

Our health is not in China’s best interest thankfully on August 20, 2020, our president announced he is setting up tax credits for U.S. companies that relocate manufacturing facilities to the United States from China. His administration would also strip federal contracts from companies that outsourced work to China.

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