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Two dozen computer scientists, including John Hennessy, the executive chairman of Google parent company, Alphabet Inc. announced yesterday they are endorsing Joe Biden in November’s presidential election.

Interestingly, Search engine Baidu, Inc. is the first China firm to join an artificial intelligence (AI) ethics group led by top U.S. tech firms, including Facebook and Apple.

In 2017, China laid out a roadmap to become a world leader in AI by 2025, with plans to invest roughly $400 billion in the industry in the coming years.

The ambitions have rankled the U.S. government, which has discussed plans to bolster security reviews of cutting-edge technology, including AI, over fears that China could access strategic military technology; China’s AI roadmap encourages technology sharing between private, public, + military research groups.

Microsoft Amazon, and Google have launched AI research labs in China.

China is in the best interest of many; think Big Tech, Hollywood, Media and Gaming. Cable is all about ratings so of course they care about Hollywood… and some of the largest broadcast companies own cable.

AI is biased; it is created for the best interest of those who profit from it; it will touch every part of our lives from gaming, media, movie theaters, scripts. I love Bill Gates but even Microsoft owns 90% of marketshare in China for desktop and server operating systems.

Something to think about this election season.

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