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Today is the United Nations International Day of Persons with disabilities and I wanted to share a blog I recently came across that I found so inspiring that belongs to Marcela Marañon: Accessibility Diva & Disability Changemaker.

Marcela sustained a Spinal Cord Injury when she was 20 years old due to a drunk driver. As a world traveler, knows first hand the hardships and inequalities faced for disabled patrons who wish to travel. Overcoming those obstacles has led Marcela to lead the charge in creating an accessible world by spotlighting the issues faced with accessible travel.

More importantly, Marcela has made it her mission to fund ramps to create more accessibility in countries and areas that lack adequate wheelchair access.

Her Instagram page is beyond inspiring as I watched her walk to the park or jump a swim hole. She makes me appreciate the gift of mobility I have been given.

You can checkout her blog here:

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