Define Human Rights

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Earlier today, US Secretary Pompeo announced that the US is taking action against four Chinese and Hong Kong based officials in connection with policies and actions that have undermined Hong Kong’s autonomy, eroded the rule of law and stifled dissent through politically motivated arrests.

In addition, the US sanctioned 19 businesses, Syrian Parliament members, financiers and military officials for supporting Bashar al Assad’s needless, brutal war against the Syrian people, implementing UNSCR 2254, including a nationwide ceasefire, remains the only path forward.

“The United States will always fight for human rights. Human dignity is the birthright of all people. We will continue to lead by example at home and abroad, one way to do this is through the Universal Periodic Review Process” — US Secretary Pompeo

Interestingly, the United Nations today was tweeting live as the U.S. record on human rights was being reviewed at the U.N.’s Human Rights Council by Cuba, Belarus, North Korea, Syria, Iran, China & other champions of human rights.

The “Human Rights” council fascinates me, considering that Iran stones rape victims to death, being gay or part of the transgender community is against the law and grounds for being stoned death, while China, who herded 1 million Muslims into camps to kill their religion & culture — asks: “What measures has U.S. taken to eliminate systematic racism, racial discrimination, white supremacy, religious intolerance and xenophobia?“

China’s Advance Questions

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