Diversity in Thought Matters.

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I tried something new this election season, I was forthright in my views on politics online. Despite being warned I could potentially hurt my efforts in securing in employment. I hope that’s not true given movement to bring our whole-self to work.

And Politics do belong in the workplace for two reasons

We spend so much time discussing diversity and inclusion from a race, gender, age perspective, we are failing to address diversity in thought which maybe the missing link to why despite companies spending billions driving diversity and inclusion, those efforts are not as successful as we wish they were. Not to mention driving innovation in business is very difficult if everyone thinks the same way

Discussing politics can also help breakdown harmful stereotypes if we can keep conversations focused on policies and listening to one another. For example, I was surprised yesterday how Trump’s change in the Pentagon was viewed in a negative light; I took it as a positive because Macgregor believes in ending the war, signaling Trump wants to accelerate bringing the troops home.

Secondly, policies impact our businesses. For example, if Google Chrome is successfully split off, what happens to the Ad revenue business for digital publishing?

#Politics absolutely matter in the workforce.

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