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One of my proudest accomplishments of 2020 was losing and sustaining nearly 30lbs over the last two years while slashing my cholesterol by almost 40%… no special diet or cholesterol pills.

Losing weight is hard work that requires discipline and consistency. There is no magic pill to make the process easy.

Here’s what I learned along the way

Due to awful dieting advice I was given over the years, my metabolism was so severely damaged it took nearly a year to reset it. The advice I was given that contributed to my metabolism dysfunction included counting calories, low carb, and low-fat diets.

So what did work?

I don’t count calories and have no idea how much I eat in a day.

I removed nearly all gluten out of my diet except NON-GMO Ezekiel Sprouted cereal and bread.

I eat carbs all the time, including rice, rice-pasta, potatoes, plain potato chips, fruit, and veggies. It’s the “enriched” wheat products I avoid.

I avoid corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. Gummy bears are my downfall, but today, I only consume those made in America with tapioca syrup and natural food coloring. I am a big fan of YumEarth and BlackForest organic gummy bears.

I limit my dairy to the NON-GMO fed cows Fage brand whole fat plain greek yogurt.

While I don’t eat red meat, I have also learned that just because something says “meat alternative” does not make it healthy. There is a massive difference between a veggie patty made up of NON-GMO ingredients I can pronounce like beans and quinoa, like Dr. Praeger’s vs. Impossible Foods that use GMO ingredients. Impossible Foods was initially co-funded by Google, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates. Recent lab results showed the company’s imitation meat contained 11x higher glyphosate levels than its closest competitor.

I eat chicken, ground turkey, and seafood.

I eat eggs.

I save alcohol for special occasions and don’t smoke.

I exercise nearly every single day for at least 30 minutes. I invested in a Garmin Watch and a Strava subscription to serve as my digital journal, where I track my exercise and weight daily.

I reward myself with cute workout clothes vs. food.

I learned patience, consistency, and discipline matter. Results don’t come instantly. You may not even see results for a year. Too many people will join a gym for the annual New Years Resolution to lose weight… and January 19 has been revealed as the day people are most likely to abandon their New Year’s fitness resolutions, according to new data insights from social fitness network Strava.

All of us come in different healthy shapes and sizes. And we should celebrate differences. But the keyword(s) are healthy shapes and sizes. Despite nearly 70% of all Americans overweight or obese, it is still challenging to have conversations with people without being labeled a fat shamer. We are doing future generations a massive disservice with this attitude; nearly 20% of all kids under 18 are obese today.

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