Equity vs. Equality: Socialism 101

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A video made and shared by Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris is causing a stir on Twitter — for arguing in favor of the communist principle of equality of outcome. Harris has taken some heat in the hours since sharing the video,

Most notable of the video’s critics was House Republican Conference Committee Chair Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), who tweeted in response that, “Sounds just like Karl Marx. A century of History has shown where that path leads. We all embrace equal opportunity, but government-enforced equality of outcomes is Marxism.”

We have been subtly led down the path to Marxism, following Alinsky” s Doctrine: 8 steps to topple a nation and create a socialist state.

The 2020 election season is not about voting Republican or Democrat. It is voting for America or Socialism, which will destroy the middle class through wealth redistribution and massive government regulations and oversight that President Trump is trying hard to roll back.

This election season has shown we are well underway to Socialism or worse. President Trump is taking us back to our roots while the Democratic Party wants to go deeper into Socialism.

Freedom of Speech

Once freedom of speech goes, so does your rights as you will no longer have access to the truth. Our freedom of speech is slowly stripped away through an almost entire media blackout, only showing favorable content to Joe Biden. Look at the Hunter Biden Laptop coverage with contents verified by several government agencies as authentic. Google, Facebook, and Twitter have algorithms in place to suppress content that reflects any positive news of President Trump. Here’s how our media got hijacked.

Right now, there is an international campaign led by Reporters Without Borders called #PressFreedomPact that is currently circulating on Twitter.

The Commission’s presidents for RSF are secretary-general Christophe Deloire and Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi.

Shirin Ebadi is an Iranian political activist, lawyer, a former judge, and human rights activist, and founder of Defenders of Human Rights Center in Iran.

One Global United States Police and Military to oversea ALL Countries

Over the past two years, there has been an effort across the globe to move to one police and military and move to a U.N. model to police our activities in the United States.

Gun Control

The U.N. is leading the effort to strip guns from everyday citizens across the globe. This is why President Trump brings up this point over and over. Did you know the U.N. wants to have an international database of all gun owners across the globe?

Gun control removes the ability to defend ourselves, making it easy to create a police state. Check out Joe Biden’s plan for our 2nd Amendment!

President Trump wants us to keep our guns.


Under President Obama and Joe Biden era cuts, the military was left too weak to fight multiple global menaces.

The Army was left smaller than at any time since before World War II. The Navy and Air Force are likewise at historically small levels.

Readiness was another problem. Top brass have testified that only three of 58 Army brigade combat teams were ready to fight; less than half of the Air Force was ready, and half of the Navy’s aircraft was grounded for parts or maintenance.

Budget cuts have dramatically reduced flight hours for pilots and other training essential to keeping our warriors sharp and safe.

Thanks to President Trump, the military is now feeling the effects of $2.2 trillion invested in the services since he took office in 2017. “We have purchased the finest planes, missiles, rockets, ships, and every other form of military equipment — all made in the United States of America,” said President Trump.

Guantanemo Bay

The Trump administration has brought Guantanamo Bay back to life through a $1.3 trillion spending bill and existing projects. Lots of reasons to suspect why…

One Government Banking System

There is an effort underway across the globe to manage the world’s banks. Steps are well underway here in the United States. Reps.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib introduced a bill to create a federally chartered and supported public banking system called the Public Banking Act. Please read this bill. It will impact private banks.

President Trump is backing the United States away from these efforts.


Healthcare is used to control people. Take away jobs and raise debt levels is supposed to leave people eager for government help. And that is why President Trump is fighting to overturn the Affordable Healthcare Act and reopen to competition to drive down price while increasing care quality.

President Trump has worked to put healthcare back in the hands of Americans — where it belongs. The Trump Administration has taken historic actions to lower prescription drug prices, expand access to affordable coverage, deliver hospital price transparency, and allow the American people to access trusted doctors. Please check this out for all the information you need to know.

Our health starts with our diet.

Since 2001, Obesity, Autism, Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Mental illness have hit record levels.

And this is why your diet and healthcare are intertwined.

My son was born on the Autism spectrum. I have a strong intuition and was fortunate to get him diagnosed before age two because I started the process before he was a year old. His therapy consisted of Speech, O.T., and Music 3x a week. Treatment is expensive, costing us about $250 to $300 a week, with Babies Can’t-Wait picking up some of our costs. Our Government doesn’t have $1,200 a month to give to every child diagnosed with Autism or Aspergers; hence Aspergers diagnosis quietly went away under Joe Biden and Barack Obama and at the same time a campaign went out saying Autism cannot be diagnosed until age 2 or 3 which is false. Children with special needs need private therapy.

I will share today my son is in all advanced classes with no signs of Autism. Early intervention is critical, as is cleaning up our food supply chain. President Trump has pumped $1.8 Billion into the U.S. to fund Autism.

After China joined the WTO in 2001, our diets in the U.S. changed. By 2009, 70% of the apple juice, 43% of the processed mushrooms, 22% of the frozen spinach, and 78% of the tilapia Americans ate came from China. China today is the largest producer of potatoes.

It is now proven that many fruit juices made from China have arsenic and lead, likely due to China’s fertilizing practices; In the early 2000s, the FDA inspected less than 2% of imported food and rarely visited Chinese food manufacturers. Between 2009 and 2010, the FDA conducted only 13 food inspections in China. Learn more here.

In 2015, under the Joe Biden and Obama Administration, the House voted to remove the origin of beef, pork, and chicken products.

In response, President Trump has been diligently putting transparency back into labels to know what we are eating. Notice how different your labels look since President Trump took office?

He has also placed hefty tariffs on China and bringing back farming and manufacturing back to America. “Farm income is forecasted to be at its highest level since 2013, reversing course after bottoming out in 2016. This didn’t happen by accident.” you can thank President Trump.

Big Pharma

Did you know until President Trump came along, 90% of our drugs were made in China? This is huge because we have companies in China, “double-dipping”.

Take heart disease, for example. China is the number 1 producer of salt. Most frozen meals and other packaged goods are made in China. Sodium drives up heart disease; then, you need drugs to reduce blood pressure. It is a vicious cycle.

President Trump has been attacking healthcare from all angles; driving down costs, bring production back to the U.S. with massive incentives while wanting to open up healthcare on the marketplace, out of government control.


Increase the Poverty level as high as possible; poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you provide everything for them to live. The Democratic Party is trying to destroy the middle-class.

Since #covid hit, countless people have lost their jobs; numerous small businesses have been shuttered while other businesses faced massive layoffs. Another lockdown will complete the job. How? Because it will increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way, the Government can raise taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

Thanks to President Trump’s swiftness, our GDP rose by a record 33.1% in one quarter!

Since 2008, investors have been actively buying property up in the United States. The Chinese purchase more U.S. residential real estate than buyers from any other foreign country. Specifically, look at N.Y. and California real estate. Rent Prices. Homelessness rate and China’s ownership. Our rent prices across the country will skyrocket as this trend continues.


Take control of every aspect of our lives (Food, Housing, Income, and Media).

President Trump wants people off of welfare. And that’s where his Platinum Plan comes into play. He wants to infuse half a trillion dollars directly into African American Communities, taking input from advocates for the African American Community such as Ice Cube. and Candace Owens, who also want what is best for impoverished minority communities.

In addition, while Joe Biden and President Obama gave $5 Million to the city of Flint (98% Black and 45% below poverty) after the historic water crisis, President Trump stepped in and replaced ALL pipes and gave 600 Million dollars back to the community. Flint has officially endorsed President Trump for the first time in History.


If the U.S. wants to maintain being the global leader, we must understand History. By taking control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school, we intellectually weaken people. And We have systematically been brainwashed by the Far Left hijacking our schools, radio, tv, newspapers, and social media.

Common Core removed History, and 1619 is rewriting it. Historic statues are being torn down. UW-Madison student gov just voted to remove Lincoln statue, a ‘remnant’ of ‘white supremacy.’

This why so many millennials know nothing about the Holocaust or that ANTIFA is wearing Nazi-inspired swag. China funds BLM. Race, Religion, and Gender are used to divide communities to weaken them while deflecting from a very sinister political agenda.

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It was just reported that millions in Chinese Donations to the Biden Center in Pennsylvania had not been disclosed with election day tomorrow.

Other U.S. Colleges have accepted $6 Billion in Undisclosed Donations from Foreign Governments, including China.

As a response, President Trump has introduced Patriotic Education, whose mission is to defend the legacy of America’s founding, the virtue of America’s heroes, and the nobility of the American character.

President Trump is also an advocate for Open school of choice and Charter schools, which Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to shutdown. Our schools are not equal, and remote learning is hurting kids. Learn more here.


Remove the belief in G-d from the Government and schools. We removed the Pledge of Allegiance during the Clinton Era, and during COVID, worship was considered nonessential… but abortion was. So were Facebook content moderators.

Judaism is under attack across the globe with the highest levels of Antisemitism recorded since the 1970s. More than 160 House Democrats voted against an anti-Semitism amendment earlier this fall. AOC praised support of antisemitic groups for letter censuring Israeli sovereignty signed by several Democrats, including Bernie Sanders.

Christians are being slaughtered in Nigeria.

2 Million Muslims incarcerated in China.

Late-term abortion, legalizing sex work is part of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s platform.

Class Warfare

Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent, and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the poor’s support. See the above bullet points.

Rewrite Constitution

There have been efforts underway to rewrite our constitution. not just in the United States but across the globe. Chile, in the midst of “protests” has “voted” to rewrite their constitution. Here in the US,, The Far Left want to pack the Supreme Court and remove the Electoral College. All states matter and populations vary state to state. Contrary to Google pulling up search(s) saying the Republicans want to rewrite our constitution.

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