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I started and completed my certification of the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course this morning. The test was more difficult than I anticipated. For those interested, it took me about three hours to complete with topics ranging from SEO to international expansion.

A huge shoutout to Google Digital Garage and Google for creating an affordable solution to stay current with all things Digital Marketing.

Our relationship with Google in our community is complicated. With antitrust files followed, one option is split Chrome from rest of Google. Chrome does not default to block 3rd-party cookies, which advertisers use to follow users on web. A new owner could change that with more privacy settings. The result? Digital ad revenues could tank, causing digital publishers to lose more than half of their revenue from programmatic ads.

Google’s own business is ad-centric, which is how it keeps the majority of its services for free to our community such as its’ e-learning courses like the one I completed this morning and its’ translation services…And those services are priceless.

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