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Ever since the United States’ first presidential election of George Washington in 1788, never in America’s history have we had an election wherewith the world watching, we stop counting ballots on election night because President Trump was winning. The efforts to overthrow President Trump and move America to the New World Order are shocking. We went into this election with very “misleading” polls to sway public opinion. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said early Wednesday morning on live Fox News coverage of the presidential election that the media should admit that its polls were wrong and “misleading.

Lax signature verification, Ballot harvesting, Delays in counting, Ballots to be counted after Election Day with no postmark is not how you run a free, fair, and transparent election.

As the Left scrambles to find more votes, President Trump has asked the Supreme Court to halt voting now. And in response to President Trump accusing his opponents of attempting to “steal” the election, Twitter flagged our president’s account and shared a message there is currently no evidence that Biden or Democrats attempted any voter fraud. It is important to note Democrats have pushed hard for in mail voting while President Trump pleaded with us to please vote in person. Mail-in voting makes for easy cheating; Democrats have filed lawsuits trying to change state legislation for Biden to win this election as the Democratic party attempts a coup on the United States.

Thankfully, last week, the Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court. Nancy Pelosi has labeled Barrett “an illegitimate Supreme Court Justice’.

President Trump spoke early this morning about the election.

Open, Honest and Direct Communication style

Since taking office in 2017, President Trump has bypassed media and chooses to communicate directly to people via Twitter and his MAGA rallies that draw in crowds of nearly 60,000! I believe it is critical that President Trump brings people along on this journey with radical transparency and the media has no idea how to handle it. President Trump was so tired of the media-editing interviews, he released his 60 Minutes interview on Facebook, unedited, hours before 60 Minutes could release their edited version.

All mainstream media from the United States has been hijacked by the Left to promote their agenda. Here’s how.


Despite former President Obama campaigning with Joe Biden, their rally’s have failed to bring in crowds of more than a few hundred. Efforts were even taken this election season on social media to sabotage President Trump’s MAGA rallies.

In late June, when President Trump attempted to hold a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the first time since coronavirus hit in March, anti-Trump TikTok users reserved seats with the intent of not showing up, thereby leaving the seats empty and pushing the narrative that Trump is losing support. When they tried this again for an early October rally in Staten Island, the Trump-haters were not so lucky. The tables were turned by adding a nonrefundable $5 fee to the rally’s sign-up form. The Trump-haters didn’t realize that this fee was a donation to the Republican Party, and, in buying over 3,000 tickets, ended up donating almost $16,000 to the GOP. The event went on with 2,500+ locals!

Joe Biden Said On Video That Democrats Built the Biggest “Voter Fraud” Operation in History. And he is 100% correct!

Just a Few Highlights of Last Night’s Election


Last night, it took 2+ hours for the press even to call President Trump’s Florida win. Why? Because Michael Bloomberg spent at least $100Million on getting felons released from Florida to vote for Joe Biden. It’s ironic given Joe Biden passed a crime bill back in 1994 that led to more arrests, and another NBA owner owns the largest prison telecom system… and the NBA supports BLM, a Chinese funded movement. Florida has the third-largest population of any state — and had no problem counting all the votes, the mail-in ballots, and reporting on time.

In Pennsylvania, President Trump is winning despite efforts of the Left to mess with the election. Republican Poll watchers were denied access to voter stations, while other poll stations had illegal Biden Signs. 75,000 of Requested Mail-In Ballots in One Pennsylvania County were unaccounted for, and 30,000+ mail-in ballots in Butler County Pennsylvania are unaccounted for, causing county election officials to urge voters to utilize one of a few other options, like voting in person.

That is the county where nearly 60,000 people just showed up for a Trump rally. Pennsylvania halted counting ballots on election night when they realized Biden was losing instead of conceding to President Trump.

Ballots have been mailed to the New York City Board of Elections in the name of dead voters.

In Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, ballots are counted differently from the rest of the USA. They did not front-load their mail-in ballot counts. They waited until the end to count them…. and while we were sleeping, nearly 140,000 votes in Michigan were found without a single vote for Trump… how is that possible without cheating?

Democrats, Big Tech and Media actions are in play to steal Wisconsin. Last night, President Trump was ahead all night in Wisconsin, but the vote counters slowly continued counting and then stopped once VP Biden took the lead despite still 5% of the vote unaccounted for. A deeper dive into the remaining votes found those votes were from are all in Republican counties. Biden was only up by 11,000 votes.

In South Carolina, 13,000+ votes were delayed being counted because ballots were incorrectly printed without proper “trimming marks” that enable scanners to detect votes. As of late Tuesday, President Trump was winning South Carolina.

A ballot-harvesting racket in Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis, Minnesota district — where paid workers illegally gather absentee ballots from elderly Somali immigrants — appears to have been busted by undercover news organization Project Veritas. Omar breezed through the election last night and was re-elected.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, 1,000,000 ballots are outstanding, yet media called Arizona for Biden last night, with only 73% of votes accounted for!

In Georgia, technology challenges, power outages, and water pipe break(s) delayed voting across the state.

Great Video Discussing Voter Fraud

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