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“Resilience” is the buzzword of 2020, but to be resilient, it doesn’t come easy; it comes with a hefty emotional price tag. From a personal standpoint, it means overcoming lots of heartaches.

From a business standpoint, resilience means toughing it out through economic blows, bankruptcies & layoffs required to pivot with the changing times.

I have no idea if I should laugh or cry about 2020 however I have learned what I am made out of.

My “Highlights” include

I got divorced

Got a new job… and lost that same job due to COVID

I had my haircut off while sleeping! And I normally have super cute hair!

Moved twice

A car accident that left my car totaled

A water leak in my condo that will require rehabilitation

Awful eyebrow shaping

Countless job applications with limited call backs!

When life gives you lemons..

So after having my ass handed to me this year, I had every reason to curl up in a ball and feel sorry for myself. Instead, I have spent my energy on what I can control, which for me, means self-development, and so proud of what I have accomplished!

I have sustained my weight loss of nearly 30lbs through diet and exercise. No shortcuts ever.

Donated an entire wardrobe to a domestic violence shelter

On track to exceed my running goal of 1,200 miles YTD for 2020

Took up cycling and have cycled nearly 1,400 miles YTD

Took up swimming and have swum 40 miles YTD

Got certified in Open Water Scuba Diving

Worked on professional self-development

Completed certifications for:

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google Garage (this one was second nature for me!)

Social Media by HubSpot + Video Badge by #TwitterFlightSchool — I proudly researched along the way!

Have written 250+ blogs that led to new connections through meaningful engagement with 200+ new followers on Medium in 2020… with zero ads spend.

I educated myself on politics not through mainstream media but through hours and hours of research.

I have also learned a lot about myself through the experiences of 2020.

I function well in ambiguity

I am stubborn

I am eternal optimist

I function well in chaos

I have clarity on what I want from a career and where my interests lie

I learned what matters to me and what I will and will not tolerate

While lying is the new norm and so easy to do, I will not have relationships built on dishonesty even if it means removing people who were once close to me.

Yes.. serious resilience has been necessary for me to survive 2020. It has toughened me up both mentally and physically…and resilience is not a word to be taken lightly. In a strange way, grateful for 2020 because when your life is ripped apart you really learn what you are made of!

Passion for People + Excellence

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