Good read. I agree wholeheartedly the approach to health and wellness is so broken. I tried diets, even paid money to nutritionists and was told to go on a 1200 calorie diet. Two years ago I was suffering from chronic inflammation and was worried a hip replacement surgery was in my near future. I cut down on coffee, sugar, cut out red meat, gluten (I still eat tons carbs including potatoes and rice) and most dairy. The result? It took my metabolism a year to really reset and my energy level went through the roof. My cholesterol dropped 40% in two years without a single pill. Today I exercise how I wish and eat without my framework of no gluten, limit dairy and try to limit processed foods. I am sharing this with you because I hate the diet culture too. Weight watchers etc all of those companies need to be shutdown. No surprise to see weight watchers profits go up and obese rates tick up. These low cal diets made of empty calories because low fat foods are pitched so frequent my are destroying people’s health.

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