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My recent personality test indicated I am a high D on the DISC assessment, which aligns perfectly with my desire to serve as a Chief of Staff. The Dominant D style profile is the most assertive and demanding of the 4 DISC profile types, including I-style, S-style, and C-style profiles, making up 9% of the worldwide population. D’s are passionate and tremendously loyal.

D-styles tend to be quite competitive, results-oriented and highly focused on getting things done (or GSD) while operating on two speeds: Zero and full-throttle. I am in good company, notable high D personalities include Captain Kirk of Star Trek, Venus Williams, Simon Cowell, Kanye West, Madonna, David Letterman, and most notable of all, President Donald Trump!

Here’s what I learned about myself:

I am goal-oriented and driven by results and the team member who will try to keep the others on task. I am deadline conscious and thrive in an environment with variety and change; I am at my best when many projects are underway at once. I am self-confident, self-reliant, and willing to pay the price for success. I can be seen as a high-risk taker with a view that “nothing ventured, nothing gained.” I am often considered daring, bold, and gutsy… which explains my need to get certified in Scuba Diving and love scaling canyon walls. I have an inherent dislike for losing or failing and work hard to drive results. True Story — while working at Cox Automotive, they were rolling a new intranet site, and the line of business I supported was NOT scheduled for Wave One. As a result, I volunteered to design our intranet site and quickly learned Jive Software and completed our intranet site in time for the first wave rollout.

Outside of work, I love endurance sports and an avid runner; I consistently place in the top 5% for my age group in road race distances ranging from 5K to Half Marathons. True Story — I ran my fastest 5K in September with my shoulder and hip out of alignment. I was so pissed off that morning and wanted to prove a point, so I ran a sub 24 Minute 5K. I reasoned that discomfort is temporary; surely, I could handle the pain for almost 24 minutes to reach my goal. And I did.

I am decisive and work best with decisive managers; after the decision is made, I work hard for a successful outcome.

I drive value for organizations by:

Thinking Big ( I wanted to transform Marketing at Cox Automotive and launch a community/magazine to align with Cox Automotive Services, Dealers, vendors, OEMs, B2B marketing for the Automotive Industry is hard — what matter way to do it than by creating a community in which we all live, work and play? The idea played perfectly with Cox Enterprises Journalism roots!

Deadline Conscious

Ability to handle many activities


Accomplish goals through people



Make decisions with the bottom line in mind


I am now searching for my Professional Soulmate and next gig as a Chief of Staff. Have you seen him or her? Can you help me make a connection?

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Passion for People + Excellence

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