How China Buys Influence

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As of 2020, China has 3X the amount of billionaires than the United States and India combined… and China has been spending that money buying up everything in site across the globe. It is also important to note, they may be leading the cryptocurrency race with the United States. There is an effort right now to get the world onto one currency system. It will be done systematically.

Just yesterday, Democratic Reps.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.) and Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) on Friday introduced a bill to create a federally chartered and supported public banking system.Called the Public Banking Act, the bill would develop a system through which the Federal Reserve System and Treasury Department would recognize, offer grants and open credit facilities for nonprofit banks. These banks would be intended to compete with the commercial banking industry and would be barred from charging fees on checking or savings accounts, requiring minimum balances and levying interest rates of more than 15%.


While many countries have banned cryptocurrency, in others there is a race to be the cryptocurrency leader between the United States and China.

In 2019, China has launched an ambitious effort to challenge the U.S. dominance in blockchain technology, which it could use for everything from issuing digital money to streamlining a raft of government services to tracking Communist Party loyalty.

The technology received a crucial endorsement from President Xi Jinping a week ago, a signal that the government sees blockchain as an integral part of the country’s plan to become a high-tech superpower.

Blockchain is set to play a key role in many sectors in the future, including digital finance, the internet of things, artificial intelligence and 5G.

It could also serve to make China’s vast bureaucratic system more efficient. With less human intervention, such systems could make judicial enforcement in China “more intelligent and transparent,”

On October 21, PayPal announced it was entering the Cryptocurrency market.

“Peaceful” Protestors across the globe are Putting Their HopesInto Cryptocurrency.

At a recent protest for Black Lives Matter, one of the speakers talked about bitcoin as an alternative for the financial systems that had oppressed them for so long.

Chinese netizens have used ethereum to make sure that messages that would otherwise be censored in online protest could live as long as possible, secured by a network of coordinating nodes. In Hong Kong, cryptocurrency has helped finance the distribution of supplies to protestors and when protestors sought to switch out from Hong Kong dollars to demonstrate their opposition to the erosion of fundamental rights, some of them thought of bitcoin as an alternative.

Organizations such as the Catalonia government were using bitcoin to finance and fund independence referendums. Declared illegal after it was enacted, the Spanish government alleged that the Catalonia movement was using bitcoin to hide its expenses

A protester in Raleigh, North Carolina, carried a poster referring to the book “Bitcoin and Black America,” authored by Isaiah Jackson, which “explores the synergy between black economics, Bitcoin and blockchain technology.”

As protests surge through Nigeria in response to police brutality, one enclave of protestors has turned to bitcoin as a financial lifeline during turbulent times.

In Canada, Activists are using Bitcoin to make protest art.

China Buying Spree in the United States

China has become the largest foreign buyer of U.S.residential real estate. … Of the 284,000 properties sold to foreign buyers last year, some 40,400, or 15%, were bought by Chinese nationals. Five years earlier, Chinese nationals had purchased 23,075 homes, representing just 12% of all properties sold to foreign buyers. China has a love of New York, California and college towns in particular.

It is important to note that both California and New York’s homeless rates; California make up the nation’s homeless largest homeless rate of 22%, for a state whose residents make up only 12% of the country’s total population. New York makes up 14% of the homeless population within the United States.

China buying “Influence”

The vast majority of our media is owned by the far left and China. Did you know that Forbes is owned by China?

Small newspapers are being bought up across the United States. This is why there is a such a consistent “message” coming out of mainstream media.

Google has been scrubbed. Snopes, owned by the far left with zero credibility, will come up first as a fact checker.

A new report released by the Department of Education shows multiple U.S. universities accepted funding from China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other “foreign adversaries,” but did not report all they received. Together, the universities reportedly failed to “disclose a combined $6.5 billion in foreign funding that was previously unreported.

The findings, reported by the Associated Press, are part of an ongoing investigation by the department spurred by the Trump Administration to crack down on foreign theft of intellectual property, research, and technology in higher education. “Potential enforcement against specific institutions” will come from the Department of Justice.

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