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Perhaps due to the unstable environment I was living in and not eye to eye with my father’s philosophies, I took a greyhound bus to California early senior year of high school. I was quickly sent back to Michigan by the police. My father agreed that me living under his roof was no longer a good idea. Since we had limited family in the U.S., I moved to Allendale, MI, right outside Grand Rapids, where my sister had an apartment while attending Grand Valley State University. My father signed over some paperwork for my sister to act as my guardian as she was over 18 so I could complete high school. I started my 3rd high school at Allendale High, where I eventually graduated from.

I learned the hard way lack of resources available to homeless youth and how easy it is for them to fall through our legal system’s cracks.

I paid it forward to these kids who often end up homeless of no fault of their own, during my days at IHG by spearheading a fundraiser for StandUp for Kids. StandUp for Kids’ mission is to end the cycle of youth homelessness. I secured boxes and boxes of donations, food, and gift cards one holiday season from corporations ranging from IHG, Chic-fil-A, Corner Bakery, and Communicorp, to name a few.

What I learned through this experience feeds into why I am against illegal immigration.

According to the Pew Research Center, illegal immigrants make up about 25% of the U.S. immigrant population or roughly 11 million people.

Illegal immigration adds billions to the bottom line across U.S. businesses. Why? Companies who hire illegal immigrants can pay a lower wage, no benefits, and no taxes collected on these employees. This puts willing and wanting to work citizens and green card holders at a disadvantage; they can’t compete and leaves people in a vicious poverty cycle.

According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, there were 151,000+ homeless people counted in 2019, the highest number since 2007, and a 17% uptick from 2018 just in the state of California. 12,000+ of this population are under the age of 19, and 25% are Veterans. 26% cite job loss as reason fell into homelessness…. and 40% of all homeless people are African American.

When I heard Joe Biden announced on September 17 that he will not deport any illegal aliens in his first 100 days in office until they commit a felony against an American citizen and provide emergency healthcare to anyone who needs it, it concerned me in so many ways.

Those disadvantaged already will be pushed even further behind.

Biden has proposed he raise the corporate tax rate from 21 to 28%, set minimum corporate taxes for domestic and foreign income, and restore the top individual tax rate from 37 to 39.6% if he becomes president.

In 2019, the average annual healthcare premiums were $7,188 for single coverage and $20,576 for family coverage. The average premium for single coverage increased by 4% since 2018 and the average premium for family coverage increased by 5%. Large employers predict the total cost of covering health insurance for workers and their families will hit an average of $15,375 in 2020, an increase of 5%, according to a survey by the National Business Group on Health… with employers covering 70% of the cost.

And yes, Biden is proposing a higher minimum wage, but as long as illegal immigrants can work, who will that minimum wage actually benefit?

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