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I have always been mindful of the digital content I consume. I don’t watch much t.v., only use social media for blogging, bucking the trend of joining millions on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. I had some downtime, so I recently turned on Netflix to find a documentary to watch. A few caught my eye:

I came across ‘American Factory’: When A Chinese Company Takes Over An Ohio Factory, the first film distributed by Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company Higher Ground Productions for Netflix. The documentary is about a Chinese automotive glass manufacturer’s $46-million investment in its plant in Ohio will expand the current facility and add 100 jobs. It is evident the film is being used as a form of PR for China to soften its image in America. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you make a conscious effort to understand what type of digital content you are consuming and what purpose does it serve.

With good reason Bill Gates, Steve Jobs impose limits on media… Always control media or media will control you.

One of my favorite documentaries is Game Changers, which discusses physical performance eating meat vs. a plant-based diet. I haven’t touched red meat or most dairy in almost three years. I eat chicken, fish, eggs, and Greek yogurt and gave up gluten except for the NON-GMO Ezekiel brand. As a result, I have lost 30lbs and slashed my cholesterol by 40%, and I consistently place in the top 5% for running road races for my age group. I am all in on doing my best to eat clean.

The movie also inadvertently influenced people like me to believe that heavily processed lab-made meat with GMOs was healthier than red meat. There is a massive difference between a veggie patty made up of NON-GMO ingredients I can pronounce like beans and quinoa, like Dr. Praeger’s vs. Impossible Foods that use GMO ingredients. Impossible Foods was initially co-funded by Google, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates. Recent lab results showed the company’s imitation meat contained 11 times higher glyphosate levels than its closest competitor.

World Economic Forum Great Reset and Our Food

The WEF describes itself as “the global platform for public-private cooperation” that creates partnerships between corporations, politicians, intellectuals, scientists, and other society leaders to “define, discuss and advance key issues on the global agenda.”

Children’s Health Defense recently took a deep dive into The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) The Great Reset includes a plan to transform the global food and agricultural industries and the human diet. The plan’s architects claim it will reduce food scarcity, hunger, and disease and even mitigate climate change. But a closer look at the corporations and think tanks the WEF is partnering with to usher in this global transformation suggests that the real motive is tighter corporate control over the food system using technological solutions.

The Great Reset is meant to be all-encompassing. Its partner organizations include the most prominent players in data collection, telecommunications, weapons manufacturing, finance, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and the food industry.

The WEF’s plans for the “reset” of food and agriculture include projects and strategic partnerships that favor genetically modified organisms, lab-made proteins, pharmaceuticals, and industrial chemicals as sustainable solutions to food and health issues.

For example, WEF has promoted and partnered with an organization called EAT Forum. EAT Forum describes itself as a “Davos for food” that plans to “add value to business and industry” and “set the political agenda.”

EAT was co-founded by Wellcome Trust, an organization established with funds from GlaxoSmithKline and which still has strategic partnerships with the drugmaker. EAT collaborates with nearly 40 city governments in Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, and Australia. The organization also assists the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in the “creation of new dietary guidelines” and sustainable development initiatives.

According to Frederic Leroy, a food science and biotechnology professor at the University of Brussels, EAT network interacts closely with some of the biggest imitation meat companies, including Impossible Foods and other biotech companies, which aim to replace wholesome, nutritious foods with genetically modified lab creations. “They frame it as healthy and sustainable, which of course it is neither,” Leroy told The Defender.

EAT’s most significant initiative is called FReSH, which the organization describes as an effort to drive the food system’s transformation. The project’s partners include Bayer, Cargill, Syngenta, Unilever, and even tech giant Google.

“Companies like Unilever and Bayer and other pharmaceutical companies are already chemical processors — so many of these companies are very well positioned to profit off of this new food business which revolves around processing chemicals and extracts needed to produce these lab-made foods on a global scale,” Leroy said.

In Schwab’s book, he discusses how biotechnology and genetically modified food should become a central pillar to repairing global food scarcity issues, which COVID has revealed and exacerbated. He writes, “global food security will only be achieved if regulations on genetically modified foods are adapted to reflect the reality that gene editing offers a precise, efficient and safe method of improving crops.”

EAT developed what it refers to as “the planetary health diet,” which the WEF champions as the “sustainable dietary solution of the future.” But according to Leroy, it’s a diet that’s supposed to replace everything else. “The diet aims to cut the meat and dairy intake of the global population by as much as 90% in some cases and replaces it with lab-made foods, cereals, and oil,” he said.

According to EAT’s reports, the organization and its corporate partners’ significant adjustments want to make to the food system are “unlikely to be successful if left up to the individual.” The changes they wish to impose on societal eating habits and food “require reframing at the systemic level with hard policy interventions that include laws, fiscal measures, subsidies and penalties, trade reconfiguration, and other economic and structural measures.”

Experts have said this is the wrong approach because “all of the science” shows that diets should be centered around regional and geographical biodiversity. She explained that “EAT’s uniform global diet will be produced with western technology and agricultural chemicals. Forcing this onto sovereign nations by international lobbying is what is referred to as food imperialism.

And Why do I care Much

I am a carrier of the faulty BRCA gene; it places me at high risk for cancer; I have raised two children with Dyslexia and one child on the Autism Spectrum. I also suffered from horrible inflammation in 2017 and 2018 that impacted me mentally and physically and I lost out on having a mother to our country’s mental health system.

My children today are a walking testament that early intervention works. Contrary to what the WHO says, Autism cannot be diagnosed until ages 2 or 3, Autism can be diagnosed well before 1 1/2 years old. For the sake of these kids, we must do so.

Based on my journey that consisted of hours and hours with doctors and specialists, I even read Greenspan’s book cover to cover, I do not believe vaccines cause Autism. However, I firmly subscribe to the philosophy our “food” is killing us because of the chemicals added.

Here’s why: in the last 20 years, since China joined the WTO, much of our food production moved to China. In the early 2000s, the FDA inspected less than 2% of imported food and rarely visited Chinese food manufacturers. Between 2009 and 2010, when Obama served as President, and Joe Biden served as VP, the FDA conducted only 13 food inspections in China. Learn more here.

Since then, Obesity, Autism, Cancer, Mental Illness, Heart Disease, and fertility issues — do you know Sperm counts in men from America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have dropped by more than 50% in less than 40 years?! Men are not getting vaccines; kids are. On a side note… baby mills and baby trafficking are big businesses.

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