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Only you can write your story.

I have had one hell of a 2020. So….what do you do with yourself after a divorce, toe nail infection, someone cutting off your hair while you sleep, eyebrows shaved and mexican beer virus? You train for a Half Ironman Triathlon of course! Over the course of the last few months, I have taught myself to cycle and swim again first time since I was a kid. I have become hyperfocused on the type of social media content I consume. If it didn’t inspire me to be faster, stronger, I ignored it. The result? I have driven results with a Strava log demonstrating what I have acocmplished. In the process, I lost a significant amount of weight, weighing in now at about 140lbs @ 5'10" with serious endurance. Best part of all? I just donated my entire old wardrobe to a domestic violence women’s shelter. How you look at a situation matters because mindset is everything!

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