Passion. Patience. Perseverance.

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I celebrated my 43rd birthday with a 25-mile bike ride. It was cold, with a high in the ’30s and windy, not to mention my bike’s alignment was off, making it for a harder than usual cycling but I rode anyway. And I brought my annual total to 1,500+ cycling miles in addition to my 1,200 + running miles and nearly 50 miles of swimming thus far in 2020.

I had no idea what was in store for me in 2020 when I set my goal of 1,200 running miles for 2020. I had an unused fitness bike that sat unused for years in the garage. And I hadn’t swum laps since I was a kid. Not to mention it has been a year of wild mishaps.

I had exceeded my running goals, and I needed a new challenge, so I decided to train for a Half Ironman Triathlon, a total of 70.3 Swim, Bike, and Running miles. If I was going to train for a triathlon, I wanted a big triathlon; a smaller distance wouldn’t push me quite the same way mentally or physically. Although my race got postponed until 2020, I haven’t stopped training; I am hooked!

I have not naturally athletic; in fact, I have to work hard to drive results. And I drive results because I take action, and I incorporate the three Ps of life, Passion, Patience, and Perseverance, into my daily grind, both personally and professionally. I push myself physically outside of the office while in corporate, I maximize my role(s) to drive the most value for the business.

Three P’s of Career Success

In 2013, Wharton Magazine published an article titled “Three P’s of Career Success. The article went on to say that while it can’t tell you how to find your gifts, it can offer advice for harnessing them when you do. They are the three P’s necessary for entrepreneurial success:

Passion: Without passion, you may as well forget your mission. Passion separates winners from losers. If all else is equal, bet on the team or individual with the most passion. Why is passion important? People feel strongly about things rooted in their passions. You know you are truly passionate about something when you are willing to do it for free and take on significant risk.

Patience: Patience enables you to stay the course, even under the most challenging circumstances. There are no shortcuts to success. Be patient, stay focused, and stay true to yourself.

Perseverance: Be persistent in pursuit of your goals and dreams.

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