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People matter and that’s why I am voting for President Trump and Mike Pence 2020.

President of Peace: NO WARS STARTED since his presidency began and as a result, nominated for 4 Nobel Peace Prize

Bill after bill to fight Antisemitism:

Bills to support Native Americans:

Platinum Plan will infuse half a trillion dollars into African American Neighborhoods:

Most pro LGBTQ President on record

Unveiled Fake Media and how government uses Media as a weapon of choice. All media including tv, radio, cable, magazine, print, social media are owned by a very small group of people and its frightening. People are being exploited by using race, religion and gender as a form of deflection from a very dark political agenda to sell the United States out. It works by creating divide amongst communities, leading to racial driven attacks.

Education: Open School of choice is critical to close wealth gap: Teacher Unions hate President Trump because he is putting children’s needs first. Joe Biden wants to close down Charter Schools; this will hurt people who don’t have the luxury of living in a half million dollar house.

$1.8 Bill dollars to fund Autism. As a mom with a son born on the Autism spectrum, I watched Autism rates go sky-high since China joined the WTO. Early intervention is expensive nor we do have enough resources. I watched President Obama and Joe Biden remove the Aspergers diagnosis for funding reasons. Had children like mine been diagnosed after the change, never would have received the life changing early intervention therapy he received. Today my son has NO IEP and in advanced classes at school. We had rough early years to get him here. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will destroy early intervention funding for Autism and special needs. We need private schools and private therapy to get these kids services they need.

Human Trafficking: President Trump created the first-ever White House position focused solely on combating human trafficking. In August the Trump Administration gave more than $35M to Human Trafficking victims for safe housing.

Passion for People + Excellence

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