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Why would anyone ever allow a foreign company, like Dominion Voting Systems, to play a role in our elections? How is that legal?

What did Peter Neffenger, president of Smartmatic, do to earn placement on the Biden transition team?

Why did the Democratic Party file hundreds of lawsuits to allow ballot harvesting/mail-ins?

Why did the Dem machines obstruct any potential unfriendly observers?

How did Biden underperform Hilary Clinton in every city except these four: Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia?

When will mainstream media inform the public that The FBI will be interviewing Bobulinski, taking his testimony over the alleged acts of corruption by Joe Biden and his son, Hunter?

If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want unity, why didn’t they denounce the violence last night in DC against families, including children, by BLM and ANTIFA? An “Idea” does not beat up children. They were even setting fires.

Why was mainstream media near-total silence last night about the physical violence being perpetrated against conservatives?

Have you ever scrutinized the Biden/Harris Logo?

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