Race Inequality is real; BLM is not the answer.

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Mainstream media is now a tool of choice in US by the Left; mainstream media outlets like CNN and MSNBC use race, religion, and women’s rights to deflect from real issues; they pit people against one another to move an agenda along that is not in the best interest of the broader United States but does benefit the elitists and lifelong politicians. So many of us are busy working, raising families and as result, we take what mainstream media says as the absolute truth because there isn’t much spare time to actually research or question what the media says. This year I happened to have time to research and shocked by what I have learned.

Corporations, professional sports leagues, and Hollywood all have shown support for the main Black Lives Matter organization. And now, we know that a pro-China organization, the Chinese Progressive Association, funds a BLM sister organization.

Did you know that Susan Rosenburg, a convicted terrorist sits on the board for Thousand Currents which handles fundraising for BLM global network? She was convicted of bombing US capital building, US Naval War College and the NU patrolman Benevolent Association.

Education is the starting point to address race inequality. When President Trump said government run schools are failing minority neighborhoods, he is absolutely 100% correct! President Trump has been fighting for the countless children stuck in failing government run schools and an advocate for open school of choice and vouchers for charter schools. This matters because not everyone can live in a half million dollar house; schools are funded by surrounding home taxes. I grew up in Metro Detroit and there were schools in Detroit that didn’t even have money to buy toilet paper. There were schools notorious for using 20+ year old school books. How we can bridge equality with children subject to this type of education?! It is important to note Joe Biden wants to shutdown Charter Schools.

President Trump wants to infuse half a trillion dollars into black communities and he is doing it the right way; cut through the BS and go straight into communities. He is offering tax credits to companies that move manufacturing back to the USA.

What would have happened to Flint, MI if President Trump didn’t step in?

One of the things I love that President Trump has done is to bring some type of justice back to Flint, MI, a city that is 98% black and 45% below poverty level that was hit by the lead water crisis back in 2014. On August 20, 2020, the victims of the water crisis were awarded a combined settlement of $600 million, with 80% of that amount going to the families of children affected by the crisis. Thanks to President Trump, all lead pipes will be replaced by November 30, 2020…. 6 years after crisis started. What would have happened if President Trump wasn’t president? Would Flint ever have received attention they deserved? Tens of thousands of children were exposed to lead poisoning, breakout of Legionnaires’ disease became the norm while the Obama Administration was idle. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Inspector General (IG) under President Obama stated the agency had both the authority and sufficient information to issue an emergency order to protect the residents of Flint, Michigan from drinking water contaminated by lead seven months before the agency finally acted.

The administration of President Donald Trump is taking action to improve EPA’s drinking water oversight and the IG’s report also shows the Trump administration’s efforts to reform EPA are more than justified and should be continued.

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