So Where Do Our Values Come From?

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While I don’t attend synagogue regularly, I believe in g-d and very spiritual in my own way… And can’t help but notice religion is under attack across the world and the drivers behind this behavior, and what it says about our values.

Just this morning, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been denied an audience with Pope Francis, with the Vaticanaccusing the United States’ top diplomat of trying to drag the Catholic Church into his country’s presidential race by asking the church to denounce China’s religious freedoms violations.

Columbia University Press and University of Illinois Chicago students have passed historic resolutions calling for divestment from Israel despite President Trump passing Executive Orders as BDS is Antisemetic.

Inhumane sharia punishments, including flogging, amputations, and stoning, have long embarrassed the federal government of Nigeria. And That is happening now, with the 120-month prison sentence handed down by a Kano sharia court to a thirteen-year-old boy, Omar Farouq, and the death sentence handed down by the same Court, again for blasphemy, on a twenty-two-year-old musician, Yahaya Sharif, for a song he shared on social media.

Nigeria is quickly becoming the most dangerous place for Christians; Over the past decade, between 50,000–70,000 Christians have been killed by terrorist groups in Nigeria. President Trump asked the President of Nigeria, “Why are you Killing Christians?” Response was “I told him that the problem between the cattle rearers and stagnant farmers …”.

The archbishop said Boko Haram’s aim was to drive Christians out of the North and the Middle Belt and to “Islamize Nigeria.”

Antisemitism is running rampant and at its’ highest levels since the 1970s. President Trump and his administration have passed several bills to protect Israel and Jewish people despite Democrats trying to railroad each executive order. Hate organizations such as BDS are being funded through a layering approach of nonprofit organizations right here in the United States. BDS’s goal is to economically isolate Israel and considered Antisemitic by many governments, including the USA, Germany, and many others.

A watchdog on religious liberty and human rights in China, said the situation for religious groups is going from “bad to worse.”

In China, religious beliefs have been stripped away. A Chinese Catholic priest told AsiaNews “In practice, your religion no longer matters if you are Buddhist, or Taoist, or Muslim or Christian”. “The only religion allowed is faith in the Chinese Communist Party.”

Since April 2017, Chinese authorities have detained possibly 2 million+ Uighurs + members of other Muslim minorities in camps.

And here in the United States

After 9 months, a grand jury has decided not to take action against Jack Wilson, who quickly shot Gunman Keith Thomas Kinnunen, a 43-year-old with a long criminal history, who fatally shot church deacon Anton Wallace and church security team member Richard White at a rural Texas church.

The Pledge of Allegiance is no longer recited at schools. In place, children are being taught the American Flag symbolizes discrimination and hate through Critical Race Theory, which President Trump as denounced and instead replaced with the Patriotic Education.

We can’t say Merry Christmas because “Jesus Christ” might offend someone.

Hannukah is the most widely publicized Jewish Holiday in the United States which carry very little meaning in comparison to the High Holidays.

Religion is a hot lobbying topic with millions coming in from the left, such as Marc Benioff, Chairman, and CEO.

After then-Indiana Governor Michael Pence signed the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act, Benioff announced that the company — then the state’s largest technology employer — would provide relocation packages to any employee working in Indiana. He also pledged to reduce the company’s investments in Indiana, calling the law “brutal,” “unfair,” and “unjust” because it permitted individual religious objectors to refrain from participating in same-sex marriage ceremonies. The law was later amended. Benioff also threatened to reduce business investment in Georgia if the state passed a similar law in 2016, and successfully lobbied the state’s Governor to veto it.

And now, we have Amy Coney Barrett. She is getting ready to join the supreme Court, being attacked for being a woman of faith, and being called racist for adopting two of her children from Haiti. People on Twitter are saying hateful statements such as “I want to see what adoption agency she went through” or she is “damaging” her children because she is white and they are black. The Left has threatened to “pack” the Court as a result. Packing the Court is a term for the Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937 proposed by President Franklin D Roosevelt. The bill called for adding more justices to the Supreme Court to obtain a favorable ruling for the New Deal legislation.

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