Social Media for good: Strava.

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So much time lately has been spent lately on the negatives of social media so I wanted to share how one social media app has changed my life for the better: Strava

Since getting my first Garmin watch in 2018 and linking it to Strava, my exercise habits have changed for the better with lasting implications for my health!

I now have concrete goals that I pay close attention to. I have been known to run an extra mile if my milage is short of my personal goal.

I can now track my pace, cadence for same routes to know if I am getting faster or slower.

I love seeing others training habits and results in races.

Thanks to my obsession with tracking goals while training for races, I have lost and kept off nearly 30lbs over the course of the last two years while slashing my already healthy level of cholesterol by 40%. My goal was never to lose 30lbs, I was always at a healthy weight; it was a side effect of my my eating habits and monitoring my activity.

I suspect Strava will replace WW (formerly Weight Watchers) in the years to follow. It drives real long lasting results through healthy habits.

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