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The current way of doing business for many companies is not sustainable. There is going to be a massive shift in the next 5 years that will transform how we do business.

Direct to consumer will go even deeper. Marketing will change too; more companies will see the value of repurposing marketing dollars to invest in their own employees as sales cycle today can start anytime anyplace with anyone.

Too many companies have employees working for them who cannot speak intelligently to whet the business does thanks to silos and too many in management worried about span of control, not leveraging untapped resources and the entire business suffers through layoffs and reorgs. It’s just not sustainable anymore.

Throwing more dollars for ad spend is not going to cut it. That’s why CMOs have the shortest tenure in corporate.

If you have a company with 1000 employees.. how many digital touchpoints can that lead to? Educate and empower employees to help drive business.

HR is often first brand touchpoint through talent acquisition and last touchpoint. For exit interviews. In between they represent brand in job fairs; they are very much part of marketing yet how many CMOs include HR in marketing strategy? Untapped resources.

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