The New Republican Party

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One of the most underreported stories of this election season is how the Republican Party has transformed itself into a multiethnic, multiracial, and working-class party, evident by the diversity of the 72,000,000 Americans who cast their vote in favor of President Trump, that is 10,000,000 more than in 2016!

Diversity and Inclusion Matters

The Edison Research national exit poll found that Donald Trump’s support in 2020 rose among blacks (+4), Hispanics (+4), and Asians (+4), making Trump the most popular Republican presidential candidate among racial/ethnic minorities in sixty years.

The 2020 election proved to be the year of women with 13 newly appointed GOP women to congress. With the win in #GA48, Republican candidates have flipped 9 Democrat seats and on track to pick up even more! This follows the working mom of 7, Amy Coney Barrett, being sworn into the SCOTUS.

Republican Cynthia Lummis will become the FIRST woman to represent Wyoming in the U.S. Senate.

28% of LGBTQ Voters cast their ballots for President Trump. No surprise given President Trump elected the first openly gay DNI and cabinet member in American history.

In Florida, President Trump won about 45% of the Latino vote.

Overall, President Trump received roughly 31% of the Asian Vote.

Nearly every single major police union endorsed President Trump.

200+ Military leaders back President Trump

So do the farmers with 82% polled by Farm Journal said they support President Trump.

And let’s not forget the oil companies who back Trump. The industry gave $1.2 million to Donald Trump.

A survey from The Associated Press’s VoteCast showed that Trump won 30% of the Jewish vote, compared to 69% for Biden, a 6% gain since 2016. No surprise given President Trump has been the most pro Jewish President ever.

Identity Politics continue to Drive Racism

Despite the story much of the media spent telling us that President Trump is a racist, the 2020 election proved otherwise. Rather than spending some time on self-reflection, some people who identify as Left are doubling down on identity politics by blaming minority Trump voters.

During the election, identity politics played a role front and center thanks to Nikole Hannah-Jones, the now-debunked 1619 Project creator. When it became clear that Trump would win Florida thanks to enthusiastic support from Latino voters, Hannah-Jones tweeted: “One day after this election is over I am going to write a piece about how Latino is a contrived ethnic category that artificially lumps white Cubans with Black Puerto Ricans and indigenous Guatemalans and helps explains why Latinos support Trump at the second-highest rate.”

National Public Radio’s Gene Demby quickly endorsed Hannah-Jones’ assertions. In an NPR post-election segment, titled “Who is the White Vote?” Demby said: “It’s important that you know, we think about the ways that there are many, many white Latinos. And because whiteness so thoroughly informs voting behavior, we should probably be asking better questions about Latino voters, like whether they identify as white or not. That might be more illuminating than simply whether someone refers to themselves as Latino in some ways.”

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