This is a great read and spot on! I will share with you that health is a lifestyle, not a short term diet. At 42 years old, I am in the best shape of my life at 5’10” and hovering around 142ishlbs in size 27 jeans and size 6 clothing across brands as a result of losing nearly 30lbs in two years. How did I get here? I got rid of most processed food, most dairy and gluten and haven’t touched red meat in 2.5 years. And oh yeah, I decided to start training for a half Ironman and I developed a level of stamina and endurance I had no idea I was capable of having. My goal was never 140lbs, my goal is a six hour half Ironman and as a result of this goal, I have shred weight. Too many weightloss goals are so superficial which is why people fail to reach them. I know need to go deeper than a size on my dress to lose weight. There is no food today that compares to the energy level I have as a result of my lifestyle!!

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