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Back in 1900, Milton Hershey became the first to use an automobile for advertising by painting his Lancaster, PA Hershey brand on a vehicle. Initially, the only choice was to paint. By the late 1950s, a new material emerged and changed the world of graphics: vinyl chloride. At first, only big organizations like the U.S. Air Force could afford to use vinyl graphics. By the 1980s, vinyl production cost was driven down by cutting edge technology and became affordable enough for everyday businesses to letter their vehicles without paint.

The automobile wrapping market has continued to transform itself from just an advertising business into a $3.5 billion industry where car enthusiasts who take pride in their wheels do everything they can to make their car stand out. Upgrading a car’s exterior is an affordable way to improve its’ wow factor. While a new coat of paint may be expensive, a vinyl vehicle wrap is a cost-effective solution that allows you to customize your car, truck, or SUV with infinite design possibilities.

Take Tesla owners — with only five paint colors to choose from for the Model S due to Tesla’s efforts to streamline production and facilitate repairs at service centers, the lack of personalization has pushed Tesla owners to car wrapping to reimagine their vehicle(s). Consumers had to rely on third-party suppliers and installers to wrap their cars. As a result of the surge in popularity in car wrapping, Tesla has rolled out its own car wrapping services through its delivery centers with five cities in China this past August called the “Color Changed Car Wrap Product.”

Global Automotive Wrap Films Market Trends

The modernization of consumer lifestyles, combined with the rising demand for cars’ personalization, is fueling the market for automotive wrap films. Growing trends include solid-colored automotive wrap films such as matte black, blue, matte orange, pink, and green. Textured finishes such as carbon fiber, wood grain, leather, and brushed metal are being rapidly adopted in Europe and North America. These films are a cost-effective and cost-efficient method for customizing any vehicle as they protect the original paint of the car and retain its resale value.

North America held the largest share in the global market for automotive wrap films in 2019, with the Asia Pacific market anticipated to witness the fastest growth over the forecast period. This explains why Tesla has rolled out vehicle wrapping services in China first.

The global automotive wrap films market itself is forecasted to reach USD 17.6 billion by 2027, thanks to new technology, which has led to flexibility in design and ease of manufacturing for a wide range of applications, including heavy, medium, and light-duty vehicles.

And that’s where Zeno by xix3D comes into play.

Unlimited Potential. Less Work.

Tiago Teixeira runs a world-renowned wrap shop in Toronto called Sekanskin, which he founded when he was just 22 years old, and built through a meticulous work ethic and dedication. In addition to wrapping vehicles for big names such as Drake and Bell Media, Sekanskin has won several awards for its’ art and workmanship over the years, including “Best Ferrari” in the prestigious 2017 FCA Concourse, “Baddest Skin” in the 2016

Importfest, and “Baddest Lamborghini” in the 2015 Importfest. To guarantee its’ quality, reliability, service, and warranty, Sekanskin is a 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company.

Running a professional vehicle wrap shop has its challenges; one of them is taking the client through the creative process and asking them to have faith and visualize what their new wrap will look like. Until recently, the way wrap shops like Sekanskin have sold vehicle wrapping services was to show somebody a swatch, think paint swatches for your home, or spending hours mocking up 2D unrealistic photos in PhotoShop, resulting in hours of lost productivity.

Tiago wanted to bridge the visualization gap while increasing work-flow efficiencies by creating a wrap visualizer to show hyper-realistic images of what a vehicle will look like before it’s ever touched to accelerate the sales process. So he founded Zeno by xix3D to do just that. Zeno is an easy-to-use 3D technology with all of the tools at your fingertips to create a custom dream car with capabilities to change every panel, logo, trim, and more on every vehicle model with built-in designs and decals with SKUs from 3M vinyl wrap, Avery Dennison, and KPFM, along with every OEM paint. In addition to colors, you have the option to add custom logos and designs in seconds using EPS files. Zeno is in the process of adding the ability to swap out after-market parts and create a full auto-configuration tool. You can even upload your own custom design within seconds through this interactive, fun, and immersive 3D vehicle wrap design and color model experience. Once you have your 3D configuration complete, it takes about 2 minutes for Zeno to create and email the hyper-realistic renderings developed for you.

Scale your shop

Zeno offers Software as a Service with two subscription packages designed to meet your budget, the Zeno Standard or the Premium Bespoke with no custom hardware required. Each package comes complete with 250+ cars, 500+ vinyl films, 14 rendering backgrounds, 360-degree renderings, 8 environments, seven finish options, and unlimited designs, wheelbase colors, and renderings, offering an unparalleled combination of shades and finishes to create truly unique and innovative designs. What’s cool about the Zeno platform is that it will automatically check for and install any updates. Updates come out every few days, and all that’s required from the user’s end is to let the system boot up for a few minutes before showing it to a customer. You can even white-label every aspect of the Zeno platform. When you sign up, you will have the ability to upload your logo and immediately have the branding on renderings and throughout 2D portions of the application. Zeno can also develop your logo into the 3D studio for a small fee. In addition, you can also provide shop customers with the ultimate cutting-edge experience through the custom- built P.C. platform featuring a touchscreen monitor for an immersive, hands-on experience.


Since launching, Zeno has forged relationships with hundreds of partners, clients, and manufacturing relationships, including JDCustoms, Exclusive Motoring, and Impressive Wrap.

Here’s what current Zeno customers have to say:

Bobby from Exotic Vehicle Wraps in D.C. said, “Zeno turns the process of customizing a vehicle into an interactive fun experience that eliminates the guesswork while opening up new doors of possibilities. Between the graphics of the system and the Virtual Reality option, our clients are able to feel as if their vehicle is already

before just the way they envisioned it. The system has easily paid for itself and ultimately added value to our process and brand as a whole. Thank you, xix3D Team!”

Andrew from S.S. Customs located in Silicon Valley, CA said, “Where to begin… xix3D’s Software has completely revolutionized how we conduct business. As a custom vinyl wrap studio in Silicon Valley, we try to provide clients with cutting edge, custom enhancements to their vehicles. This Software allows us to place the client into virtual reality, customize their vehicle in real-time, and is worth its weight in gold. We highly recommend both this Software and the company that made it.”

On the Path to Full Configuration

While Zeno was first started by and for wrap shops, it has since evolved into a full configuration platform for wrap shops, signage companies, auto dealerships, and more. Zeno is on a path toward adding full configuration abilities across after-market parts for body-shops too. To learn more, please visit https://xix3d.com.

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