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Thanks to the U.S. Customs Border Patrol, $3.5 Million Worth of Fake Viagra, Nike, and Gucci Seized at Port of L.A. and Long Beach. Officers assigned to the seaport worked with import specialists from CBP’s consumer products and mass merchandising, apparel, footwear, textiles, pharmaceuticals, health, and chemical departments to take 31,072 counterfeit products off the market. The goods had arrived in a containerized cargo shipment from China.

This follows the last months’ bust of $1M worth of counterfeit Viagra pills headed to Michigan seized at the border. U.S. Customs and Border

Borders agents in Chicago discovered the pills — arriving from Istanbul, Turkey.

And in Puerto Rico, Ersatz Viagra, real cash, and 3.8 kilos of real cocaine at two Puerto Rico airports didn’t make it to their destination during Columbus Day Weekend, thanks to our U.S. Customs and Border Protection team. At San Juan’s Luis Muñoz Marín Airport, Customs found 2.12 kilos of cocaine layered inside 10 wooden boxes of soap headed to New York. Officers found 331 grams of cocaine hidden inside shower curtain rings that were going to Pennsylvania.

These busts were just a few highlights from October alone! The U.S. Border Patrol team fights endlessly to protect the United States from human trafficking, drugs, and other illegal activities. Yet, instead of praising and giving thanks to the people keeping us safe, they are villainized with biased media painting them to be human rights abusers and fail to celebrate their success(s). All because these success stories do not fit the narrative of the media’s preferred candidates and not so hidden political agenda(s)

Last week, Twitter locked out our acting head of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) out of his account after sending out a tweet that read “Walls Work” at the southern border. Mark Morgan went on to say, “This should outrage every American citizen, because they didn’t lock me out, they locked you out; they imposed their own ideology, their own belief system, to justify keeping the truth from the American people because it didn’t fit the very obvious and transparent agenda.”

Freedom of Speech is the Most Powerful Weapon We Have

As an American, when media censors information, we need to make educated decisions this election season, our freedom is over as we know it; it is the first step to Socialism.

We need the ability to have a free exchange of different viewpoints without the worry of retaliation like losing your job or death threats.

And that is why I am voted for President Trump. Like many other immigrants who fled their homes, my family legally immigrated to America for freedom from the former Soviet Union. My family lost everything.

Many young people are easily swayed to vote for Socialism without full comprehension of what means. It starts with no voice. The “peaceful” protests and burning down cities from the Left won’t even be possible in a Socialist/Communist Regime. ANTIFA rioters don’t understand they are wearing Nazi Inspired Swag or that BLM is funded by China. Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and the United Nations would love to do nothing more than redistribute wealth across the globe.

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