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Want an example of #fakenews? Just yesterday, CNN ran the headline “Conservative New Hampshire paper backs Biden — its first Democratic endorsement in 100 years”. What CNN fails to tell its’ audience is that in 2017, the Union Leader building was sold to investor Peter Levine for $3.8 million after being on the market for about four years. Peter Levine is one of the enterprise experts at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, based in Silicon Valley, California. It is no longer a conservative paper. And that’s what makes this headline inaccurate.

Most Media, including social media, newspapers, magazines, cable, radio, and cable, are owned by a tiny group of the far Left and China. China owns Forbes, for example. Time magazine was sold to Salesforce Billionaire Marc Benioff. And Salesforce has expanded footprint into China w/ Alibaba Group.

Together, these companies, through a very carefully orchestrated narrative, use the same talking points repeatedly while resorting to race, religion, and gender to deflect from serious world events. Even Facebook has deemed Content Moderators as essential workers in India this election season.

Even the NY Times has been know to vet content through the government before printing.

If you google President Trump and LGBTQ, all articles will read Trump gutted LBGTQ rights or after three years of attacking LGBTQ rights. Why? Because Google uses algorithms to suppress positive President Trump news. Watch undercover report in Google link.

I was attacked for being anti LGBTQ on LinkedIn, being told I was ignorant and didn’t know what I was talking about simply for supporting President Trump and proud of my Russian Jewish Heritage.

President Trunp’s and LGBTQ Highlights

Nominated Patrick Bumatay, an openly gay Filipino man, as a judge in the important to 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

President Trump administration announced that 200,000 uninsured Americans would gain access to HIV-preventive medicines at no cost.

On February 20, Richard Grenell was appointed Acting Director of National Intelligence, becoming the first openly gay DNI and cabinet member in American history. Not long ago, these words would have been an impossibility.

In his 2019 State of the Union Address, President Trump asked Congress to make the needed budget commitment to eliminate the HIV and AIDS epidemic in the United States within ten years.

President Trump announced his “Initiative to Decriminalize Homosexuality” around the World.

So why would the media go through this much trouble to hide the truth? Because for the first time, the United States has a president who is America first vs. going along with Globalism, a move that will ultimately lead to the Socialist United States and destroy our economy and rights for all of us as we know them. This past week, Bolivia elected a Socialist President, and it’s happening rapidly across the globe, and yes China, has a significant influence on what is transpiring. Once freedom of speech goes, everything goes. President Trump was never supposed to lose against Hilary Clinton, hence the billions of dollars spent on the Russia Hoax. Look at censorship in Hong Kong, Africa, Middle East, etc.

After President Trump’s America First speech at Davos to the World Economic Forum, mainstream media immediately ran headlines like Trump snubs Davos vision in another America-first speech instead of applauding our President for protecting our Country.

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