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While 2020 has brought on its’ share of challenges, it has strangely been one of the best years.

My lessons from 2020:

Karma is real. Positive energy is not enough; you must have good intentions. It will pay you back!

Who I work for matters more than the company I work for. Imagine if more companies hired leadership based on values alignment vs. culture alignment. It would transform culture!

Life is how you look at it. Focus on the negative or the positive. There is always humor in every situation! Even bad hair and eyebrows!

Real confidence is built inside out. Too many of us, especially women, are taught that confidence comes from appearances and it just doesn’t. Hair does grow back. And in the meantime, thank goodness for baseball hats, bike helmets, and swim caps. There are always wigs too for desperate measures. Embrace new looks!

Hard work and consistency drives results. No shortcuts.. ever. I am proud to say I have run 850+ miles, cycled 1,100+ miles, and swam 35+ miles YTD!

Health is wealth. I am so thankful I got back the gift of health in 2020! I have lost nearly 30lbs in two years and slashed my cholesterol by 40%… without a single pill best part of all? I celebrated by donating an entire wardrobe to a women’s battered shelter!

Pushing your comfort zone is good for all of us! I took the plunge in 2020 and finally got certified in scuba diving!

Invest in your future! I bought a condo this year in an area I am convinced will do well thanks to the several large headquarters around me while being in walking distance to MARTA. I believe more global corporations will buy real estate to put employees in vs hotels. It’s an asset for the business while employees stay in comfort!

You never know just how strong you are until you are tested!

Know what you stand for and act accordingly … online and offline!

It’s easy to show up at an interview perfectly groomed, resume writer, and coached how to answer questions. It’s all superficial. If you want to really know what someone is made out of, take apart their life and see what’s left and watch them respond to adversity. Hair grows back; you either have good character or you don’t.

Be mindful whose opinions you take to heart and what feedback you accept; ask yourself first is this someone you would even go to advice for?

Remember, everything in life is temporary.

The quality of people trumps the quantity of people. And no, blood is not necessarily thicker than water.

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