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Building a credible online brand starts with an online presence, which begins with the right domain name. I had my business name picked out before I had a business plan laid out in 2018. Regardless of what my business was to become, I knew I didn’t want to fight for SEO, and no, I don’t subscribe to researching about to expire domain names. I wanted my name to be unique, not a recycled name from the past.

Hence the launch of #goatmatters. There is a personal reason for this name, and from a business perspective, goats matter; Find me a country across the globe that does not have goats, from Cherokee County, GA to Africa. Goats matter.

Today, with a business focused on website design and writing services, I have one of the top-performing GoDaddy websites with an Insight score of 92! An InSight score measures your online performance compared to online businesses like yours. A high score means you are engaging visitors well, while a low score means there’s room to improve.

What’s in a name? recently shared how the right premium domain name can go a long way toward building a robust online presence for your brand. Here’s why. The domain you choose for your company can help build a strong online presence and generate more traffic and interest from customers. A domain name is a branding and marketing investment that has the potential to bring you closer to millions of internet users.

While the chances are slim to come up with an intrinsic domain name with over 141 million .com domains registered, it is still possible. But it takes creativity and hard work. And the effort is worth it!

Industry Thesaurus

One of my favorite best places to find that unique domain name starts with an industry thesaurus. During my tenure at Cox Automotive, I wanted to launch a magazine for Manheim to coincide with its’ 50th anniversary under the Cox Enterprises Family of Brands. Cox was founded on journalism. My thought process was an industry magazine should not be named “Manheim,” but instead, be relevant to the broader used car market industry. With a thesaurus in hand, I purchased possible domain names that would work for an industry magazine, including RingMaster, the person who runs the auctions.

Passion for People + Excellence

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