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Joe Biden announced on September 17 that he will not deport any illegal aliens in his first 100 days in office until they commit a felony against an American citizen and provide emergency healthcare to anyone who needs it. And as a Russian Jewish immigrant who came here legally, I can’t support this; it will destroy our country.

At What Point Do we Put Our Own People First?

In 2019, the average annual healthcare premiums were $7,188 for single coverage and $20,576 for family coverage. The average premium for single coverage increased by 4% since 2018 and the average premium for family coverage increased by 5%. Large employers predict the total cost of covering health insurance for workers and their families will hit an average of $15,375 in 2020, an increase of 5%, according to a survey by the National Business Group on Health… with employers covering 70% of the cost.

Where is the money supposed to come from to pay for this?

Biden has proposed he would raise the corporate tax rate from 21 to 28 percent, set minimum corporate taxes for domestic and foreign income, restore the top individual tax rate from 37 to 39.6 percent if he becomes president.

With 48% of the US employed by small business(s) and 30M+ small business(s) in the US, small businesses are the growth engine of our economy. I would hate to see the crippling effect that a minimum wage increase to $15.00 that Biden has proposed will have to our small businesses; not sure how many of these businesses will be able to handle this type of blow.

Trump has been actively trying to get a grip on our growing healthcare issue; He signed an Executive Order to lower drug costs and announced he is setting up tax credits for U.S. companies that relocate manufacturing facilities to the United States from China. His administration would also strip federal contracts from companies that outsourced work to China.

To lessen our dependency on other countries, our president has signed an Executive Order to increase American production of essential medical supplies and cut down our reliance on foreign medic producers. Our Nation’s dependence on foreign countries for critical medical supplies is not sustainable; it leaves the American people incredibly vulnerable.

About Me

My family immigrated to the USA during Cold War era from the former Soviet Union as life was tough for Russian Jews; my grandfather Peter was arrested for saving money underneath his mattress to feed his family. By the time I was a year old, we knew we had to leave and so began our nearly two year journey to follow the process laid out to immigrate to the states legally; we didn’t just show up in the United States… and I became a naturalized citizen in second grade. Because of my personal experience, illegal aliens hits close to home. Why should someone else shortcut it? It sends the message one life is more valuable than another and that’s wrong. Who determines one hardship is harder than another hardship? Are we opening our borders to everyone now? There is a process laid out and we need to follow it.

Passion for People + Excellence

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